Varicose Veins – Therapies And Prevention

Varicose veins are twisted and swollen veins and that seem near the skin. They are often blue and unsightly. They cause discomfort, because the legs feel heavy, swollen, itchy and throbbing. They’re often situated on the back of the calf, but can happen almost wherever Haemorrhoids are the varicose veins around the anus. In most cases they’re just a nuisance, however can develop into a more severe health problem.

They are a typical condition in Western World, with about 60% of Individuals being affected at some stage of their lives. Girls are inclined to develop varicose veins more usually than men. Someday this condition happens only during pregnancy and it disappears a couple of weeks or months after delivery. There is additionally evidence of this problem running in families.

A number of main factors contribute to the development of this condition, reminiscent of obesity, hormonal problems, especially in menopause, prolonged periods of standing or sitting, heredity and previous vein conditions reminiscent of thrombophlebitis.

In most cases medical treatment is not required, particularly if preventive measures are adopted and proper care is taken to make certain the condition doesn’t become worse. Problems may happen, nonetheless, such as a deep vein blood clots or leg ulcers, in which case medical consideration is needed. If you are involved concerning the look of your veins or they change into painful and severely uncomfortable, or any signs or ulcers develop, see your doctor.

The diagnosis will include X-ray or an ultrasound procedure to find out the presence of any severe problem. In some cases surgery could also be recommended and the enlarged veins removed. A procedure called sclerotherapy will be executed on smaller veins, which involves the injection of a chemical into them. An answer is injected into the vein that causes its walls to swell and shut down. The vein turns into scar tissue and the blood flow stops. This therapy might should be repeated on the same vein. Any uncommon coloration disappears in a number of weeks.

If executed appropriately, this treatment may be very effective. The improvement rate is 50-90%. There are small side effects possible, comparable to lingering pain within the space of injection, which usually disappears after a while, small skin sores and bruises, spots or brown lines across the area of injection, which additionally disappear. These are mostly a beauty problem, which usually don’t have any serious consequences. Some inflammation is feasible on treated veins, which could be treated with aspirin or antibiotics and isn’t dangerous. In most cases, however, medical intervention just isn’t needed.

Self-help measures can stop or slow down the development of varicose veins and people who are predisposed to this problem or already have it ought to take care to follow a couple of simple rules to relieve and stop it from growing further:

o Don’t sit with your legs crossed. It impedes proper blood circulation in the legs.

o Exercise. Walking could be very much really useful, as it improves blood circulation and keeps the leg muscular tissues toned.

o Avoid being overweight.

o Avoid standing or sitting for a long periods of time. In case your job requires you to face, then attempt to shift your weight from one leg to a different periodically. If you need to sit at work – try to stand up and walk around as much as possible, taking walks at break times. Arise and move around each forty minutes when on a airplane (select an aisle seat). During long automotive rides attempt to stop and take a brief walk each forty five minutes.

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