Qui est Tedonzong TCHOUTEZO ?

My name is Tedonzong Tchoutezo from Nza (Banzac) quarters of Batcham. I was Born in Mankon in the North West Region and raised in Kumba in the South West region where I had my primary, Secondary and High School Education. As a high school student in the mid Eighties in CCAS Kumba, I created the first Batcham and Bamboutos Students Association in Kumba. I went to the Yaounde University where in the late eighties I joined ACEEBY ( The Batcham Students Association) Currently resident in the United States I created a yahoo forum “patso’o” in 2007 in an effort to bring together people of Batcham origin for networking , Development and Cultural Promotion.

Best Regards.
Tedonzong Tchoutezo
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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